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Meet our President!

Lauren Light founded Next Step Senior Relocation in 2017 after seeing an imminent need for senior services after she transitioned her grandmother through the "next step" into assisted living.

After tragically losing her parents by age 20, Lauren found herself a legal guardian to her much younger sibling. A few years later, after the death of her grandfather, Lauren became a caretaker to her grandmother. 

Lauren is known throughout South Florida as being a compassionate, ethical, professional, responsible, philanthropic woman. Lauren has sat on the board for the Relay For Life of Palm Beach, volunteers her time with special needs babies, spends countless hours visiting with seniors at local assisted living facilities, as well as helping local animal shelters. 

Lauren lives in Palm Beach County and is a loving mother to her 4 wonderful children and 2 stepchildren. She treats clients as loving and caring as she treats her own family. 

Lauren is a graduate of Florida Atlantic University in public administration and has a Master's degree in Non Profit Management. She has over a decade of experience in aiding adults and children with special needs, senior citizen care and has excelled in small business management. 

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